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Andrew Lessman’s Essential 1 Multi-Vitamin

Vegan Nighttime Multi-Mineral by Mary Ruth

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What you will learn from this book

Solve Everyday Health Problems

Why most of us are suffering from debilitating migraine headaches and why some of us never have any.

We Generate 10,000 Cancer Cells A Day

How to manipulate your pH so your body fights cancer...NATURALLY!

Money Corrupts All

The myth of the "miracle cancer pill" and why it will never see the light of day!

Glaucoma Isn't The Only Use For Marijuana

How employing "weed" can skyrocket our health and not just kill brain cells on the weekend!

Is Butter The Worst...OR Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us?

The wonders of 100% butter for boosting our brain capacity and nervous system.

Some "Health Problems" Can Be Health Saviors

Alvin explains in detail how health problems are often revealed as health benefits!

Awesome information!!! Well spoken. Have been juicing twice a day now for a month. My wife and I feel so much better. Our energy level has skyrocketed! What you tell here is honest information. Take care and please continue the good work.
Charles Powell
Charles Powell
I will never stop thanking changed my life! I once posted last month and now I've had a month with your guidelines...with a few add-ons. I take Ginkgo extracts, acetyl-L-carnitine PLC, alpha lipoic acid (dual R form), multivitamin supplements, and a Vitamin B complex. Add juicing which I just blend cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, lemon, and carrots in a large blender. I drink it everyday. I can't even remember eating anything sweet. I don't use sugar anywhere. I feel amazing after doing all this, no claudication, no neuropathy, and using the Gingko for my retinopathy.
OG Techadon
OG Techadon
OMG! It actually works. I can see clearly again. Thanks, your video really helped me.
Nether Chiken
Nether Chiken

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In this book, you'll find an assortment of life-improving strategies to attain his highest contribution to our world: ENDING METABOLIC DISEASE!

The topics in this mind-blowing literary work are worth more than the price of admission! Some of the intriguing titles produced for your enjoyment include...

  • Secret #1: Baste Yourself
  • Secret #2: Take A Hit Of The Ganja
  • Secret #3: Killing Cancer Naturally...Don’t Stress!
  • Secret #4: Fire Away, Scotty!
  • Secret #5: It’s a Rough Ride Down
  • Secret #6: Radio Flyers
  • Secret #7: ♮The Best Part Of Waking Up...♮
  • Secret #8: Taking The White Stuff
  • Secret #9: The Catch
  • Secret #10: Migraine Headaches
  • Secret #11: Menopause, Fibroids, and Endometriosis
  • Secret #12: Bouts of Depression?
  • Secret #13: A Few Extra Pounds
  • Secret #14: Brushed Teeth, Fresh Underarms, and Clean Skin...Dangerous?
  • Secret #15: Yellow Skin Tone
  • Secret #16: Profit Above All... F**k Your Health
  • Secret #17: Wallets Unite!
  • Secret #18: Your Kitchen vs. Your Hospital Room

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A Word From The Author

Thank you for picking up this book when there are so many options out there for you to choose from. My gratitude for you spending your time watching me online and picking up this informational health guide is overflowing!

Let’s get right into it...I can’t stomach the way our government, inline with corrupt corporations, continue to take away our Constitutional rights and directly poison our food supply. That sh** is not OK with me! Drugs are pushed onto the market within 2 WEEKS without any consideration for safety, testing, or human regard! Where is our FDA? Oh, yeah. Taking money to allow this nefarious activity continue. No, damn it! It’s a kick in the gut for every citizen of this country and it has to stop. This is my contribution to help stem this global pandemic of death!

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