Alvin J Interviewed on Atlanta Life Radio

Atlanta Life Radio - Let's Talk! Marc Prescott

Alvin J Interviewed on Atlanta Life Radio

What’s going on everybody, this is Alvin J the most passionate non-doctor on the internet! I’m glad to say that I’ve had to be interviewed by one of the most provocative, real talk shows online…Atlanta Life Radio with hosts Marc Prescott and Beth Sims. This was one of the most awesome things to ever happen to me in my life. I was so excited to do the interview, you can hear the energy in my voice. Would you like to hear it? But of course! Here it is in it’s entirety. Comment if you have any questions. Alvin J Interviewed on Atlanta Life Radio.

Alvin J Interviewed on Atlanta Life Radio (Press Play!)

Thank you so much for visiting and listening. I do appreciate you.

Alvin J

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  • Alvin J

    Pauline, that is an amazing comment. I’ve found something amazing for this! Now, most disruptions in brain activity originate from a person losing myelin around their neurons, thus, eating plenty of Omega-3 fats is key. I do recommend a saline wash so you’ll be able to get maximum absorption. In addition to this, pick up a mineral complex called Organic Liquid Nighttime MultiMineral by MaryRuth ( This should help in about 10 days. Let me know how things are going.

    If you are taking any meds, make sure you’ve weined yourself off these, as they may halt the progress of these natural methods. Thank you so much for writing.

    Alvin J

  • Pauline

    Love your passion about caring for our health. As a retired RN, you speak truth. Just found this site, love it. Any infomation on treating seizures that only happens in your sleep at night? Dr. Don’T know, they only give you meds that create several more problem….keep doing what you do…you are more helpful than a lot of MDs I have met..thanks.

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