How Cancer Works and How To Kill It

Good morning Health Linkers and good night to the “Big C”. We are about to find out how cancer works and how to kill it.You know what I’m talking about and it’s not Big Coffee, it’s cancer (notice the little “c”). This is the last time I’ll write this word in my text because it has a negative connotation and the shear stress of hearing it will lower your immune system, especially if you hear it from an authority figure in a white lab coat. Namely, your local, neighborhood medical bully called YOUR DOCTOR!

How Cancer Works and How To Kill It

Cancer CellsBefore you become a defense attorney and start objecting to me talking about your “doc”, let me explain a few things to you. First off, Richard Jones M.D. (made up name) used to be a slacker who slept until noon, masturbated several times a day in his filthy, little dorm room, streaked through the college grounds naked, and drank rum-n-cokes until the ugliest girl at the school was hot! My point, doctors are people just like anyone else, and just like other people, we are conditioned to do what we do. This includes prescribing medications and advising us to get surgeries…it’s what they are trained to do.

Next, I know that old Rich is a good man, who goes to church, donates to charity, takes care of his dog, and talks to audiences at medical conferences to spread the word of new, experimental procedures. Now, I didn’t say he wasn’t a good person. I said he was killing you. Big difference and a notable one. If you listen to the man in the white coat, often you are going to end up on a lifetime of medication, a lowered quality of life, and maybe even dead! Ain’t that a B*TCH!

We Are Almost There

They always dangle this carrot in our face. It’s on the news. It’s in the paper (what’s left of the paper). It’s in the latest e-books. What is it?! The CURE! The cure is always right around the corner. It’s coming, just wait a little bit longer. Keep taking your “meds” and taking our recommendations to have parts of your body cut out. If you live through all that, then you might get our miracle pill to cure you of the “little c”. Please, please, please don’t tell me you are that dense!

Answer this next question honestly and think about it hard before you do: Do you believe in your heart that Pfizer, Bristol-Myer-Squibb, and Astra-Zeneca have your health as the guiding principle when they are manufacturing drugs? I’m going to go ahead and say F*CK NO! Your health is a distant notion behind profit, shareholder value, and customer (you) lifetime value. You see, if they worry about these things going up, then our health has to go down by definition. Besides, it’s hard to think about our health when “big pharma” has $10 billion coming in every 3 months.

The Real Cures, With An “S”

Cancerous Tumor ExcisedI said cures (plural). The established medical system wants us to mentally invest in the idea that there will be one miracle cure in the form of a pill that will likely come from the pharmaceutical industry. For the reasons quoted above, this is bullsh*t. Let’s get to some real, inexpensive, and effective practical ways to kill our cancers. 

1. Baking Soda – It has been proven in numerous real-life case studies (search on Youtube) that baking soda is a super-effective cure for all types of cancers.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – It works similar to baking soda in alkalizing the body. Cancers and diseases of any type cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Thus, the cancer (no matter how advanced) must subside in this setting.

3. Antineoplastons – Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a medical investigator and biologist, has been curing cancer by use of biologically active peptides coming from the patient’s own body. His research was so successful, he had a 25% success rate in curing patients. This got the attention of the FDA, who shut him down. Why? The Fraud and Death Administration…uuummmm…I mean the Food and Drug Administration is nothing but the enforcement arm of the pharmaceutical industry! As long as they keep getting paid, the FDA doesn’t mind this title at all. There is a documentary on this pioneer airing on Netflix called Burzynski. It also shows how the US government deported him and stole all of his patents to bury them. He knows how cancer works and how to kill it.

4. Tetrasilver Tetroxide – Marvin Antelmann brought this amazing cure to the forefront by being able to cure AIDS, however, he was also able to cure almost every type of cancer known to a human being using liquid Tetrasil (tetrasilver tetroxide). If we listen to the main stream media, we wouldn’t know about any of this. Once again, the FDA is trying to suppress Antelmann’s efforts to bring this to the mass market, but you can’t suppress the TRUTH! There are people on Youtube making there own Tetrasil. Isn’t the internet wonderful…YES! Marvin also knows how cancer works and how to kill it.

Ok, I’m done. Hopefully, we’ve opened your eyes to some things here that will help you end your small ailment (because if “c” is small, it’s easy to beat). Turn off the f*cking TV and go out and find what people have proven to work! If you don’t mind the pitiful 3% success rate of chemotherapy and radiation, hey, it’s your life.

See ya!

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