Immunized To Death…Literally – Dangers of Vaccines

Yes! You are in fact killing your children giving them an immunization. Forgive me, but I’m not one who gives points to the other side just to be fair. If you think sticking a needle into an innocent baby’s arm every 2 months to sedate them with neurotoxins, heavy metals, and just plain poison is OK, then feel free to argue the other side of that. It seems the drug companies have made a hell of a living doing so.

Ante Up! Dangers of Vaccines

This is not a game or a post I’m writing for fun. This will save your kids from being sickened, poisoned, or even dead. Here are some facts about vaccinations that I’ve found that may change your mind about stabbing your newborn to death with a syringe…

1. There is NO proof OF ANY KIND that an immunization does anything. The drug company scientists claim that it increases the number of antibodies present in the blood. That also happens when we catch a cold, so that’s a good excuse, BUT it’s the only one! Think people.

2. Immunization contain substances deadly to human tissue. MSG, formaldehyde, viral fragments, Thymerisol (mercury), and antibiotics and that’s only a few. These are, however, the most deadly. MSG is a brain excitotoxin. It’s what “urges” you to eat after you’ve just finished a huge meal 15 minutes ago! In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, our food is laden with chemicals, further weakening our immune systems.

You do know that formaldehyde is pumped into DEAD people…right?? Right? It’s pretty handy for treating engines and motors too!

The viral fragments of DNA present in vaccines can interact with our own DNA causing spontaneous mutations and viral protein formation. No wonder we keep getting cancer, it’s being injected right into our bloodstream! Even if you didn’t go to the cancer-extreme, how about a little brain damage, mental retardation, slowed muscle response, inhibited metabolic functions (like pregnancy). Would that make you think twice about it?

The mercury in the needle is commonly disguised as Thymerisol. ¬†A compound which makes it’s way to your brain and staying their, ultimately resulting in autism. Yes…AUTISM! It’s not “suspected” to cause autism, it does cause autism. Read the package insert for an immunization, it’s one of the f*cking side effects! Not to mention an 80% increase that your kid will die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Lastly, I’ll let you know that antibiotics are prescribed for EVERYTHING! Antibiotics only kill bacteria and nothing else. Yet your doctor will prescribe your child Tylenol without hesitation. The “Big T” is the number one killer of humans in America. It breaks down and weakens joints, increases swelling (which is why the pain temporarily goes away, but comes back with a vengeance later), and allows your cells to be susceptible to disease. Stop taking it!

3. Our immunizations come from North Korea. The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung Il, vowed to his death that he would destroy the United States. For some strange f*cking reason our government thinks it is perfectly fine to accept our needle supply from this country. FML I guess Mr. Il is getting his dying wish. Not all immunizations originate from North Korea, but a majority do.

4. Kids are being poisoned 38 times before they are 2 years old. Parents…please…READ about shots before you blindly give them to your children! Your child’s only defense against antigens is Mom’s bloodstream up to about 14 to 18 months of age. During this time, the baby is now developing his/her own immune system. We don’t need to immunize our kids. By doing so, we actually destroy their immune systems (a main effect of Tylenol as well). Up until about age 5, our kids don’t have a fully functioning immune system, thus an immunization CANNOT help them. The antibodies (if any) are useless. That means we are just shooting out toddlers up with poison! The irony is…we are made to feel like a deadbeat parent if we don’t.

5. Get this: 86% of physicians who actually give immunizations would not give them to their own children. If that’s not proof enough, I can’t say anything more…but I will. LOL

6. Drug company executives will not take the immunization they produce. Now that’s powerful! They have no trouble sleeping at night and making a fortune off us and our insurance companies, but refuse to give the stuff to there own kids. This fact was blatantly enforced at a private government hearing held in Norcross, Georgia where all the big name drug companies were called. At this meeting in 2010, information was presented that showed that immunizations maimed and killed adults and children. The drug executives would not stop selling the drugs, but refused to give them to their children.

7. Children die or have diar complications everyday from vaccinations.


Don’t take my word for any of this. I urge you to quickly go out and do your own research and find out the truth about immunizations. If you don’t find what I’m telling you to be compelling enough to stop immunizing your family, then do what you feel is right. After all, the only thing I can do is present the truth and hope others see.

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