Depression: Death By A Thousand Thoughts…And The 2nd Brain


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Hey everybody, it’s Alvin J once again, and this time we are getting into a heavy topic…DEPRESSION! This is no joke, and even though I make jokes sometimes, this is no laughing matter. This condition is actually killing people. Just ask the statisticians in Seattle, Washington.

Just because we have a few bad days, weeks, or months, that does NOT mean we are (all of a sudden) on the road to a city called “Depression”. There are various depths and types, all of which are none of your business. If you start getting into the numerous classifications of depression, you fall into the trap of getting to pick the one you have. When you should’ve been figuring out how to avoid it all together.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on a long rant about how you never should have set foot in that “shrink’s” office, but I think that ship has sailed…for a whole lot of people! The purpose of THIS post is to remedy your depression with methods I’ve tried or seen work in the real world. No theory, no conjecture, no articles, and no doctor’s orders. Plain and simple, this is what I’ve found as my own personal experience and research.

What Is Depression?

The condition we call depression is actually both a psychological and physical state of being subdued (down). Even thought the traditional medical status quo says it’s not depression unless it’s clinically diagnosed, this matters not to you or I. We will not utilized pharmaceutical medications for our purposes, thus, we are not treating or curing a disease. Our body, on the other hand, will! Exciting, huh? Let’s get to it.

First, never compare your depression or its symptoms to those of another person. We all have diverse blood chemistry, tissue make-up, biological set-points, and hormone release patterns. The factors are impossible to compare. So, let’s just concentrate on the steps to follow for getting rid of your depression.

Avoid All Drugs…All Of Them!

Drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, and Paxil are anti-depressants, which appear to be promising at the time, but only lead to an enhanced, more deadly version of your depressed mood. You have to remember, you have a liver. This vital organ will cleanse these “meds” from your system, and in about 2 months, our liver becomes quite efficient at doing so. Thus, the dosage has to be increased, or a new drug introduced. Can you see the destructive spiral down the pharmaceutical hole?! Never mind the FACT that the byproducts of such elicit narcotics will invade your nervous tissue (brain), your soft tissue (mucous membranes), muscles tissue, and your peripheral nerves. This is NO JOKE!

What Do I Do? ——> Introducing Alvin J’s Method

  1. Saline Wash – 1 Liter luke warm water + 1 tablespoon uniodized sea salt (Himalayan Sea Salt) – Mix and drink whole on an EMPTY STOMACH.
  2. Mineralization – Healthy Starter Pack (Youngevity) OR Essential 1 (Andrew Lessman) + Vegan Liquid Nighttime MultiMineral (Mary Ruth) – Follow the instructions on the packages for your height-weight combination.
  3. Avoid Loneliness – Even though this is not at the top of this list, it’s still UBER important. Entertain friends…at YOUR PLACE! Go out to a public place and just talk to people just to be nice, it helps. If you’re up for it, you can steal one of my “friend-making hacks”. I often visit a site called They have groups on everything and I mean everything (Peanut butter and jelly eaters who collect beanie babies on the side Meetup Group). LOL


#Don’t compare.
#Avoid anti-depressants
#Flush and Mineralize

In closing, throw on some music to get your rhythms on track. Once our brains are rocked into an optimal state with the sounds of sweet music, it’s easier to think, relax, and talk to other about the same thing.

I’ll see you soon…minus the depression!

Alvin J

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