How To Do A Coffee Enema Today


Coffee enemas.  Our liver collects toxins everyday of our lives until the day we die to try and protect us. In this case (just like your heart), it never gets a rest. Thus, we have to force it to let go of the toxins. Enter the coffee enema. Coffee enemas are a wonderful way to fully restore your liver in order to better fight the cancer cells produced by our bodies every day, especially in regards to eating any type of meat (chicken, pork, and fish included).

How To Perform The Coffee Enema

Step #1: Get yourself some organic “enema” whole coffee beans. You can get these from any health food store or from Amazon. (Link: Organic Coffee To Detoxify Your Body).

Step #2: Grind the coffee in a coffee grinder to produce a fine coffee powder for adequate absorption.

Step #3: Boil 1 Liter of purified water for 5 to 7 minutes. Do not use tap water, it defeats the purpose of this. If you can’t obtain purified water, boil tap water for 30 minutes (no less) to rid it of chlorine.

Note: You can buy a (Link: ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher) to make tap water purified water, which is free of chlorine and fluoride. This is the Zero water claim.

Step #4: Reduce heat from high to medium-low,  then add coffee to the boiling water. Boil coffee water for 10 minutes.

Step #5: Let the coffee mixture cool for 20 minutes. If it’s still hot to touch after this time, you may add ice cubes. Pour this mixture into an enema bucket. (Link: Kendall Seamless Enema Set with Bucket) or (Link: Stainless Steel Enema Kit 2 Quart Container. No Latex). Make sure the tubing is attached, and the tubing is closed off. Check temperature.

Step #6: Lubricate the tubing end with soap, then insert the tubing anally up to 3 inches. Lie on your right side on the bathroom floor. Release the valve on the tubing and allow half the mixture to enter the anus. Try to hold for 12 minutes. If you can’t, then release it. This works better if you have already defecated. Wait a few moments, then drain the rest of the coffee solution into your anus. Try to hold again for 12 minutes. Then void. If you can’t hold it, don’t worry. You’ll be able to hold it longer the more often you do this.

You’ll notice that your energy and mood can spike (to say the least) immediately after this. After your coffee enema, you should feel an extreme spike of energy and vitality. You’ll also notice that you can now absorb nutrients from your food a lot more quickly. We may also notice that junk food passes through your system in a hurry. You may even surprise your partner in the bedroom. If that ain’t enough reason, I don’t know what is!

Frequency of Enemas

>The coffee enema should only be done every 5 days to a week. This allows the colon to normalize. (Exception: If the body is severely toxic (you are really sick), you may do coffee enemas once every two hours for 2 days in a row.)

>Then one enema every 7 days for 2 months.

>Then one enema every 2 weeks for 3 months.

>Then one enema every month for a year.

>Now you can do one coffee enema per year for life to keep the liver healthy and keep cancer instances to non-existent levels. That is if you don’t continue to poison yourself.

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