How To Do A Colonic – The Saline Wash At Home (Top To Bottom Cleanse)

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How To Do A Colonic


How To Do A Colonic: Prepare 1 liter of very warm water in a medium pan. Using purified water, heat on the stovetop just until bubbles start to appear…YOU ONLY WANT IT WARM, NOT HOT! Pure the solution back into the GLASS 1-liter container. Add 1 heaping tablespoon of uniodized sea salt (sold at any health food store, even Walmart).  Stir the mixture until the salt is completely dissolved, then drink whole.

EFFECT: Immediate. Don’t leave the house for a couple hours, you’ll make a “mess” in public!

WARNING: Drinking this solution in sections will not cleanse your colon. You must drink the entire salty mixture all at once! This get’s your liver jump started in detoxifying our bodies…QUICKLY!

Why Are You Doing This?

The saline wash is meant to wash away the YEARS of built up “guck” in our colon to optimize absorption. As humans, we need vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These are the life-blood of our existence. Once you see how much more quickly your body reacts to the good things you put into your body, you’ll be hooked on this forever! (Or at least for a long time…LOL)

On top of all the positive benefits listed above, you might also drop quite a bit of weight. The first time I did a saline wash (how to do a colonic), I lost 12lbs right away. I’ve never approached my top weight of 268lbs again! I’m at 228lbs now and looking great naked! Which IS the point…right?!! Now, go forth and be energized.

Do it…it works.

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Alvin J.

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  • Alvin J

    Yes!!! In fact, reverse osmosis filtered water may be better for our uses. I thank you for writing and have a great week!

    Alvin J

  • Alvin J

    Hey, how are you Yorlando?!

    Glad to hear from you. I am available to speak around that time (looking at my messy calendar), and would be happy to do it. Just let the organizer know, I’m not a cheap date. However, I will construct a life-changing presentation no matter how big or small.

    As for the cancer video, yes, it can! If you want to get into more specifics on it for your friend’s particular kind of cancer, I’d be happy to help. Let me know everything you can about the situation, and I’ll make a detailed plan for them.

    Thank you for the potential engagement and for being a great person to talk to.

    Alvin J

  • Yorlando Casey

    I love your information, do you do speaking engagement there’s a women conference in March of 2018 in Atlanta that I would love to speak to the organizer to reach out to you. Also is your cancer cure video able to assist someone with stage 4 liver cancer?

  • Alvin J

    For right now, yes.

    Alvin J

  • Yolanda


    Is your only point of contact by email?

  • Alvin J

    I usually do the saline wash in the morning (on an empty stomach), then do the coffee enema immediately following the saline wash. I know if I do it that way, my system is wide open and it’s easier to get the coffee to my liver. You can do the saline wash more often, but I only do it once a month. The coffee enema can be done every other day or as needed. You’ll have to find what’s right for you, Dee.

  • Dee

    Hey Alvin, I love your videos!!! So, how do you suggest we cycle the enemas and the saline drink?
    I’m using SA Wilson coffee 2-3x/ week.
    After watching your video going to do the saline drink too.


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