How To Get Vaccinations Out Of Your Body

I know, I know. You all are reading this a think that I’m another “health nut” trying to tell you what to do with your life. I’m afraid THAT job has already been taken by your fearless government. To be completely frank, I’d never even try to tell another human being what to do with their life. All I have is the truth, and that’s all that you will get from me. If my information is “off” a bit, then it was true at the time that I gathered it. By the way, I AM a health nut! LOL

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into it. Do you want to see your kids grow up with or develop autism, decrease mental capacity, or a permanently compromised immune system? Of course you don’t! No sensible parent would. We want the best for our children, and that’s just what we think we are doing when we inject our offspring with a vaccination needle. Nonetheless, it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Vaccines, immunizations, or inoculations, whatever you want to call them…they are NOT good for you. Furthermore, they are definitely not good for your children. Visit our post on “Dangers of Vaccinations” on this very site. Now onto baby vaccines and autism.

Do Your Own Research!

First, do your own research. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t take my word for any of this. Your findings will be much more powerful if you discover this information and real-life case studies for yourself. I don’t mean just looking around the internet. Most people (including my students), tend to take my word for this information because I’m an anatomy and physiology instructor, site auditor, and medical researcher, BUT again, it’s much more believable if you go find out for yourself!

If you want some immediate proof, ask for the package insert for your vaccine the next time. It says directly on the insert that autism is one of the possible side effects. Now, let’s go to a mind-numbing statistic. Over the last 10 years, the autism rate has gone from 6% to almost 50%. Coincidentally, the same growth is paralleled in another stat…the requirement for children to be immunized. Don’t listen to me…do your own research!

If you really want to get down to in-your-face, gut-wrenching, real-life case studies, go talk to some families who have been rocked by their child (or children) having autism. The sleepless nights, the constant worry, the sky-high cost of taking care of an autistic child. It’s hard…and it wasn’t even my family! I say again…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Steps On How To Get Vaccinations Out Of Your Body

Eating is the key to chelating (forcing heavy metals and chemicals from your body). Here are some things that may help us get these things out of our bodies.

*Disclaimer: I am not a physician and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. Even though this will work for most people, it may not work for all people who try it. I know it works for me and the people I’ve personally known who have tried it.

1. Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay (food grade) – Vaccines and autism have a link due to an ingredient called Thymerisol (mercury compound). This compound rides straight to your brain and tends to “stick” to your neural tissues. It’s very difficult to get out once it’s settled in the tissues. Calcium Bentonite Clay will draw this heavy metal out of your tissue and bind to it so that it may be carried out of your body during elimination. Here’s the link (Calcium Bentonite Clay) if you wish to order. Follow the instructions provided.

2. Organic Ginger Root – Some of the poisons in vaccines tend to move slowly and react with your body’s tissues. In this case, you need to make sure they keep moving! Ginger is a restorer of your natural secretion of nitric oxide. This keeps the blood flowing properly and minimal interaction between your body tissues and formaldehyde and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Ginger can be found at most health food stores. One small branch will do every day.

3. Organic Lemon/Lime – These are what we call emulsifiers. They “break up and lift”, thus performing some of the same functions as ginger. We have to detach the heavy metals and chemicals from our tissues before the clay can bind to them. This helps immensely. Pick this up at your local health food store. Use one whole lemon or lime per day.

4. Organic Cilantro or Parsley – It’s no secret these two herbs are a powerhouse for cleaning the blood. Once we release those toxins from our brain and body tissues, they need to be taken out, these miracle plants make that happen. We can use either or both, it won’t do your body any harm. This is help to get the poisons out of our system quickly and restores our energy levels after releasing all that junk into our systems. Again, get this at your local health food mart. Use 3 branches of either once a day.

5. Coffee Enemas (How To Perform A Coffee Enema) – Vaccines DO increase antibody production in our bodies, however, antibodies (B-Lymphocytes) don’t fight disease! They are only memory cells. Vaccines also DECREASE our white blood cell count, and those are the cells that actually engage invaders of our systems. Coffee enemas allow the liver to expand completely to purge toxins that have been stored in there since birth! This drastically “ups” our ability to destroy most any disease…INCLUDING EBOLA! This is the ultimate immune booster. Visit our coffee post for the frequency of performing coffee enemas.

6. Purified Water – Circulation is the main process needed to rid your body of these toxins. I use the Zero Water System to “clean up” my drinking water. We already know how much water to drink, but for detoxing, we have to “up” our water intake. Drink a gallon of water every single day.

Now you might be asking, “When during my vaccination should I do all this?” Right? Well, here we go.

How To Get Vaccinations Out Of Your Body
-Three days before your vaccination, start this regiment.

-Continue this regiment for 5 days after your last immunization. [It doesn’t matter if you taking a series of shots or not, just follow the directions.]

I really do hope this helps you and your family.

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  • Alvin J

    Keep breast feeding! Just make sure YOU are getting your proper vitamins and minerals to keep supplying the baby.

    Good day.

    Alvin J

  • Alvin J

    Good day, Grace.

    The bag in the link is the same clay. Sorry about the confusion, the company changed their packaging. I do think there could be some cause of your effects from the aluminum hydroxide and formaldehyde in the vaccine. Here are the Hep B vaccine ingredients (aluminum hydroxide, yeast protein, phosphate buffers, sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen, phosphate dihydrate, formaldehyde, yeast protein). None of these adjuvants are safe taken in any amounts.

    Second, you said you were under a lot of stress. This will degrade your system faster than the toxins in vaccines! I know you are in school with your studies and it’s causing you a lot of stress, but you must have a way to alleviate the stress. Exercise, safe sex, or a round of video games is how most would deal with stress, but I recommend flushing your colon and doing a coffee enema to revitalize your liver. On top of that, I would recommend regular movement, not necessarily exercise. If you’re a gym rat though…GO FOR IT! LOL

    Lastly, you mentioned swooshing in your head. This is usually a function of the inner ear having a problem. It could be tinnitus like the doctor suggested. If you don’t take medications (like me), then you can take an oil of oregano supplement (natural antibiotic) and supplemental garlic (a natural antiviral). Take these for at least 10 days straight to make sure the infection is gone. This will take care of any inner ear problems causing be an antigen. In the meantime, while those are working, take a look at this video to see if this is the problem with your tinnitus…

    Good day, Grace. Let me know how every thing is going.

    Alvin J

  • Alvin J

    Cleanse. This means your mucous membranes are probably saturated with toxins from additives, preservatives, toxins, or chemicals. More than likely, it’s a combination of all of these. Pick up the Gaia Supreme Cleanse and see how this works for you. It’s quick acting and gentle on the digestive system. You can pick this up at Sprout’s Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, or (~$24).

    I hope this helps in the short-term and into the long-term for you.

    Alvin J

  • Diane Compo

    Hi, Do you know how to get rid of nasal polyps?
    Please help me.

  • Grace Asquith

    Hi Alvin,
    I wanted to know hepatitis B shot contains mercury. In the summer of 2015 I took a series of Hepatitis B shots because I was in a nursing program that required it. I later switch my major to human services and regretted taking the series of shots. I eat very healthy. Lots of fruits and vegetables of all kinds for the past 15-20 years. However, I am under a lot of stress from my studies and will be going into a master’s program in 2018. My reason for asking is that, my head constantly feel uncomfortable. When I sleep at nights it feels as though something swoosh across my brain and wake me out of my sleep. I fear going to sleep sometimes because I do not want to encounter the feeling. I told my doctor about and all he wants to do is write a prescription which I never allow him to. I believe my doctor do not like when I get a physical because he is always recommending prescription that I always refused. With that said he told me that I have what you call Tinnitus. I refused prescription and researched food I need to avoid. Do you think that there is mercury in the shots I was administered and may be causing the uncomfortable feeling, if so is it too late to remove it? Also the Calcium link you put in the description box on youtube does not look like the one you’ve shown in the video. Once the link showed up it was in a plastic bag and not a jar like you showed. Sorry for this long post, and thanks for response in advance.

    Grace Asquith

  • Yhajaira Solis

    But what about a 5 month baby? Mine breastfeeds only

  • Alvin J

    1. Yes. The Calcium Bentonite Clay is edible. The brand you saw in the video.

    2. The link to the coffee enema video []

    3. Water Filter []

    HSN is reliable and I believe that have out-of-country shipping.

    THank you for the questions and let me know how everything advances for you.

    Alvin J

  • Alvin J

    One tablespoon per day, until the symptoms are gone.

    Alvin J

  • Jacqueline

    About how much Bentonite clay should I use?

  • Tomi

    Hello Mr Jackson,
    Pls can you indicate whether or not the bentonite clay whose link you provided above is edible?
    Also pls send me the link for the coffee enema and the 5 stage water purifier as i live in the Middle East, where these things are not available, hence, I have to order from a reliable source.

    Thanks and regards,
    Tomi Aina

  • Alvin J

    Good day, Esther.

    Yes, one can mix these all into one smoothie, adding sweet fruits to improve the taste. Thank you for leaving your comment.

    Alvin J

  • Esther

    How do I use these ingredients? Do i mixed them up in the nutribullet or what? If not please explain, thank you very much for this information. I really appreciate your work.

  • Alvin J

    Yes! It will work on any age, as this is a cleansing protocol for the tissues. The faster it is implemented, the faster it can start working. The bad part is that most nerve damage cannot be undone. If there is nerve damage already, all we can do now is prevent further nerves from being destroyed.

    Alvin J

  • David

    Hi will this work on a 16 year old boy, who may still have mercury from vaccines in is brain as a child?

  • Alvin J

    Yes! There is no time frame on kelating harmful metals and chemicals from your body.

  • Ash

    Is this useful of you have already given the vaccine a year ago?

  • Aysh-ah Morgano

    Mr. Jackson…. Thank! the information on HIV and the Vaccine was so informative, I will definitely follow up on eliminating the vaccine from my system, Thanks again and keep making videos!….your new fan!

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