How Women Can Gain Weight

Hey Ladies!!! HaHaHa I know that you all are always worried about how to loose weight but today, I’m not talking to you. I’ve got another video on how to loose weight. On this fun day, I want to talk to the “skinny girls” who need to put a little meat back on the ham hock! If you’re black or from the South, then you’ll get that reference. If you didn’t get it, we have the internet…look it up! LOL

Anywho. I’d like to thank Diashanei O’Quinn for inspiring this post. I really never thought of going in the other direction as far as GAINING weight, but I see that thin women all over the world are having a BIG problem trying to pack on size in a healthy, attractive way.

How Women Can Gain Weight

Female Body BuilderNow…I get it. No one wants to put on a bunch of fat. That’s out! In addition, I really don’t think you all want to put on the type of muscle weight that would put in the same league as Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess). If it weren’t for the title of the show, I might have named it Xena: Warrior Prince! LMAO

Sorry, I just cracking myself up. Let’s get to how you gain some weight so that you get heavier, so that you’re not just a bio-mechanical ¬†paper weight. On the other hand, we’re also going to show you how to put on muscle but not look like a trans-sexual wearing a bad wig. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. LMMFAO

Here are the steps…

1. Put on muscle: Most women believe if they lift weights that they’ll turn into a “fem hulk”. Let’s get into some human physiology here, women are smaller in frame, muscle tone, and muscle density. Thus, there is no way for you to “bulk up” by going to the gym and lifting as heavy as you can.

Food Label IngrdientsThe only way to achieve that would be to get on anabolic steroids, and I hope that’s not the route you’d take to gain a little weight to make your ass look better. Stay away for artificial weight gainers also. These are nothing but weaker forms of steroids sold¬†over-the-counter. We still don’t know the long-term effects of these “supplements”. Here are some things to look for on the package. If these ingredients are present then don’t buy it!

A. MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate) – A brain neurotoxin/excitotoxin which kills brain cells, is linked to cancer, and induces you to crave more of it.
B. Soy (soy letchin or any soy derivative) – It mimics estrogen in the body, thus, causing you to stop producing your own estrogen. This is NOT good as artificial estrogenation products are foreign to your blood cells, leading to auto-immune reactions.
C. Carrageenan – A cancer causing agent used to preserve food. It restricts the formation of proteins in your body. (Hint: your DNA is made up of proteins…nothing good can come of that)
D. Sugar (processed sugar) – this sweetener rots teeth, adds pounds to your frame fast, and can cause diabetes in high, immoderate doses. Sugar in excess in the blood is a toxin (hyperglycemia) and can cause your body to go into emergency status. Experiment: The next time you eat a lot of sugar, notice how many times you have to go to the rest room. Just do it!

2. Eat more often: When we say “eat more often”, women think of all the prep and time it takes to set this up. U ’em…listen carefully…SO WHAT! Anything worth doing is worth working for. Anyway, the more you do this, the easier it gets, then it’s nothing. So get used to it and get some weight on your skinny ass! Here’s the break down…

Wake up: Snack with water
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, toast/biscuit, oatmeal, grits, coconut oil in smoothie (fruits/veggie smoothie)
Snack: Bananas and/or nuts (Brazil, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios)
Lunch: Sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise on whole grain bread, sweet potato fries, or chicken salad with all the toppings and dressing
Snack: Bananas, nuts, avacodos
Dinner: Chicken/steak/fish, potatoes, green vegetable, side carb (biscuit, breadsticks) Sub: beans for any side
Snack: avacado, nuts, bananas, oranges, apples, kiwi, nectarines

Woman On Treadmill3. Avoid heavy cardio: If you are trying to pack some punch onto that narrow frame, then cardio is your enemy. I know some people find it hard to exercise without cardio. So what do I do? Lift weights! Do whatever exercise feel good to you and do as much weight as you can…SAFELY!

You’ll notice you have a nice healthy attractive figure in no time without the dreaded “pooch” in the front or the ugly “turkey neck” under the arm…YUCK! Anywho, I’ll see you in the next post and hopefully, your man tells you, “Dam girl, you gettin’ thick! And I like it!” Yeah!


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