Get Rid of Your Glasses Fast! Improve Vision Naturally

Once again, this is Alvin J, The Most Passionate Non-Doctor On The Internet and today, I’m right back at it talking to you about those big, ugly, heavy, nose-pinching, sight-destroying glasses. Now, I know some of you depend on your “specs” and think this is the way life has to be, IT DOESN’T!

Now listen, I know you’ve been fed the lines of how as you get older, your vision gets worse. This implies that once you start to age, you’ll have to depend on the optometrist (not an eye doctor) for stronger and stronger prescriptions. Is this what you’re looking forward to? By the time you’re 55 your glasses are so thick, you can see into the future?! I don’t think so, let’s come up with some other alternatives to improve vision naturally.

I’d recommend the following to keep your eyes healthy and to restore your vision:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

    Eat the right foods for your entire body…Not just your eyes! People tend to stick with Vitamin A and/or carrots for improving their vision, but you must treat the entire body. Do it! It’s the most important technique in improving eye conditions such as cataracts, astigmatism, and corneal deformation. Most think eye tissue is somehow different from regular body tissue…NOPE! You take care of it the same way, by eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, along with vitamins and minerals.

  2. Get rid of diabetes now! – Diabetes causes new blood vessels to form in the eyes (neovascularizations) which cause blindness by blocking light to the retina. When you are healthy, there is no need for these to form, but when you have diabetes, new blood vessels have to form to supply more nutrients to a deteriorating eye. You can usually end your diabetes in 30 days. Here is my video on how to do this! This is one of the fastest ways to improve vision naturally.
  3. Deep breath – In through the nose…out through the nose! I know I do it out through the mouth in the video, but I’ve upgraded my knowledge, thus, passing it on to you. Do this 20 minutes a day, and reap the rewards.
  4. Distance exercises (NEVER WEAR GLASSES OR CONTACTS WHILE DOES THIS!)– Take something with words on it and hold it up in front of your face just far enough where it’s not blurry. Then pick an object about 5 feet away. Look at the words until clear, then back to the object until it’s clear. Once both are clear, then move to an object 10 feet away, and repeat. Keep doing this until everything in your home is clear, no matter how far away. Now, you’ve graduated…to doing these outside! Pick objects that are further and further away until all are clear. Work on this for 30 minutes a day for 60 days, then write back and let me know the results.
  5. sun-gazerSun Gazing (ADVANCED TECHNIQUE – NEVER WEAR GLASSES OR CONTACTS WHILE DOING THIS!) – This is a powerful approach to gaining on your damaged vision. Our rods and cones in the retina of our eyes are photoreceptors (light catchers), thus, they need to be “recharged” ever so often. This is done by gazing at the sun. [WARNING: Do not wear glasses or contacts while doing this. It could burn a hole in your retina. Next, only do sun gazing at sunrise or sunset in the beginning. Look at the video above carefully for instructions.] Lastly, only do this once a week to start. DON’T OVERDO IT! Your maximum expose via sun gazing for the first 3 months should only be about 30 seconds or less. If you have any further questions, read this again.

That’s as detailed as I should have to get to improve vision naturally. If you have any apprehension about doing these exercises or looking for someone to blame if something goes wrong…DON’T DO IT! Keep wearing your glasses/contacts and stop asking questions.

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Alvin J

Alvin J

The Most Passionare Non-Doctor On The Internet! My life’s purpose is to provide you with choices opposite than those proposed to you by your traditional doctors, teachers, and loved-ones who are only interested in preserving the status quo.

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  • The sun’s radiation is good for us, however, as with anything, too much of a good thing turn into a bad thing. There is no reason to fear sun radiation…it’s the only reason we are able to live and flourish on this Earth.

    Good day, Jacqueline.

    Alvin J

  • Light is the fire element and that is how the world began. Everything lives on light. I can see how this can heal of course. Question is what about the holes in the current sun and the powerful radiation its sending down to us during this time? Not sure how that will affect us, but radiation is not good is it? I have to say in the past the sun has greatly improved my vision, but that was years ago.

  • No problem at all, Pamela. You, obviously, have a strong mental gift that allows you to keep going when others seem to give up. I admire that! Keep it up and let me know how it’s going. I’m not just saying that, keep in touch in the very near future.

    Good day,

    Alvin J

  • If you believe this is dangerous, then you should not do it. All the safety information is in the video. No glasses or contacts, and only do it for 30-45 seconds while looking at the sun at sunrise or sunset. What problems did you have before? What problems are you having after?

    Alvin J

  • I know…and if you are hesitant, I would suggest you don’t do this at all. It works for many, but I can’t say that it will work for everyone. I’ve seen improvements in my vision from sun gazing, but don’t feel like you have to do it.

    Thank you for the comment.

    Alvin J

  • Oh dear I was told I have astigmatism in my left eye. Life is so unfair to me. Guess i need lasik surgery. So sun gazing won’t help. 🙁

  • Hey alvin
    I have -1.25 glasses can i still remobe my glasses by doing these exercises regularly

  • Hi Alvin. Thanks for the video. I agree with most of what you say but I have a really important question. We were taught from very early in life not to look directly at the sun (especially the mid-day sun) as we run the risk of permanently destroying the retina. Comments?

  • I think the sun gaze is potentially very dangerous. I did as directed and have had trouble since. Should include safegusrds.

  • Good day, Vallery! I’m an anatomy and physiology instructor, a site auditor (hospitals and clinics for my college), and a medical researcher. Thank you for your awesome comment, and enjoy your day.

    Alvin J

  • Mary, that is waaaaaay too young to be “blind” without your glasses. You’ll notice the less you wear them, the better you can see. On top of that, a little beta-carotene and Vitamin A never hurt anyone either! I appreciate the comment and your watching the video.

    Alvin J

  • There is not a “quick” way to improve your vision for a short period of time. It’s a gradual process in my experience, but I’m not saying it’s not possible. I just haven’t discovered the method yet.

    Alvin J

  • Hi Alvin !
    I want to ask if there is some possibilities to overcharge your vision like-for 5 minutes to see clear when looking at distance.If it’s not possible,I’ll try methods you wrote there 🙂

  • You are so right!!! I have been wearing glasses since I started reading!! I am now blind without my glasses! I am 54 years old

  • What is your profession?and where do you get your informative information? Just came across your video thanks

  • Yes, she can. However, the sun gazing won’t do anything to help an astigmatism. Concentrate on the distance exercises, then make sure you are taking the correct supplements to support eye health. (Beta-carotene, vitamin A, and antioxidants) Have a great day, and sticking with this regiment is the best way to correct vision.

    Alvin J

  • My 6 year old daughter has astigmatism and has be wearing glasses for almost 2 years.can she do the same exercise you mentioned please i do not want her to wear glasses for the of her life.

  • Hi Mr. Alvin J
    I discovered your site about a month ago, you have such great information.
    Regardin ‘ridding one from glasses’ are the exercises for those who are nearsighted only; I have issues reading material close….can see well at a distance. So during the exercise everything is blurry when close, 5, 10 ft, etc are always clear. Will this help with reading close?

  • You may have to look for a longer period of time…but consistency will get you the results. Don’t give up after a few attempts.

    Alvin J

  • I’m truly enjoying your video! I have been wearing glasses for many years now and my eyesight is getting worse every year! This is very helpful! Thank you! Hopefully, it helps!

  • Good day, Par.

    If the injury to the eyes is from drama, it’s hard to say. The exercises are not harmful in any way (except sun gazing, should you overdo it), so I’d say try them. It can only help. However, if internal structures are damaged, then surgery may be the only option. Such as torn suspensory ligaments around the lens, or a ruptured lens or cornea. These are problems, that can be fixed with diet, but it’s a long-term proposition (6 months to 10 months). Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Hey Alvin,
    I enjoyed your video on improving the health of eyes. Since I have been in a few car accidents my vision has been affected and this has impacted my ability to function including very limited reading capacity.
    Would the Eye exercises you have kindly provided in the video be helpful for me. Or would you be able to provide different or additional exercises or food. …. Thank you.

  • Keep doing it. This is not an overnight thing. It actually will take less time to fix your vision than it did for your vision to deteriorate. Still it will take a little time. Try this regiment:
    Distance exercises: 30 minutes a day for 60 days.
    Sun gazing: once a week for 30-45 seconds then shading for a minute afterwards.
    Deep breathing: Every day every chance you get.

    So, contact me on January 15, 2017 to let me know the results. If you stick with this, you may see great results. If skip it here and there, then glasses it is! Later, Rafey.

    Alvin J

  • Hi Alvin!

    I watched your video on vision improvement and have tried some of the excersises. I am in high school and have had glasses for about 5 years. I tried the distance excersise, but can’t see to get it clear. I look at something clear for 3 seconds, then at something far for 3 seconds, but it never clears.
    I hope you can help me out.



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Message From Alvin J.

Alvin J “The Most Passionate Non-Doctor on the Internet”

Alvin J

The Most Passionare Non-Doctor On The Internet! My life’s purpose is to provide you with choices opposite than those proposed to you by your traditional doctors, teachers, and loved-ones who are only interested in preserving the status quo.