Modern Health Issues

Evil Corporations: Deadly Drug Side Effects

Deadly drug side effects are something you usually don’t worry about until it’s too late. The guy in the white lab jacket has already condemned you to a lifetime of guilt-free medication…and don’t get me wrong. I said GUILT-FREE not FREE! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to pick up a death pack (a […]

Stop Immunizations

Immunized To Death…Literally – Dangers of Vaccines

Yes! You are in fact killing your children giving them an immunization. Forgive me, but I’m not one who gives points to the other side just to be fair. If you think sticking a needle into an innocent baby’s arm every 2 months to sedate them with neurotoxins, heavy metals, and just plain poison is […]

Cure Disease

Cure For AIDS Found In 1996 – America Still Believes It’s “Just Around The Corner”

Cure For AIDS Found Back In 1996!  I know that you’ve heard the reports of the beginnings of AIDS, but did you take the time to do your research like most Americans DON’T before they start acting like they are the foremost authority…when they have no f***ing clue! Let’s get the obvious rumors out of the […]

Better Health Cure Disease

30 Days To Eliminate Diabetes No Matter How Long You’ve Had It

30 Days To End Your Diabetes! Good day! Another dose of truth is what I have for you: the diabetes diet. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, there is a simple and easy fix to cure (not treat) your “disease”. If you are pre-diabetic, your condition can go away in 3 days. If you have full-blown […]