Poor People, Poor Health – Stop it!

Poor People, Poor Health

About 9 percent of our grandparents (code for people over 65) are living in poverty. Older women are slightly more likely than men to be living in poverty, and single older adults are also significantly more likely to live alone with fewer resources. Poverty affects senior health if they are unable to afford doctor visits, medication for chronic conditions, and other essential senior health care needs. I say THANK GOD!

The I’m-Getting-Old-So-I-Need-More-Medication-And-Doctor-Visits Myth

Poor People Health ClinicI didn’t believe this saying when I first heard it, but it turns out to be more than true…“People will do anything for a cure, but nothing for prevention.” When the government threatens to take away certain programs, seniors are up-in-arms about keeping the medical status quo. “How will I get my blood pressure medication?”, “They’ve gone up so much on my heart medication?”, “I don’t have insurance, now I can’t see the doctor for my regular visits!”.

If you are saying anything like the statements that I’ve mentioned above, you are hopelessly dependent on the system, and will more than likely, DIE EARLY…VERY EARLY! Don’t think this statement is uttered to be mean. It’s just the truth. Do your research. Studies show that anyone (not just seniors) who visit the hospital in this modern age COME OUT with more problems than they WENT IN with! Thus, the need for more medication on your second visit and even more “meds” on your third visit and so on.

Today, there is almost no chance of you coming out of a hospital (no matter what your condition) without a prescription! That is a sad truth. You see, when the doctor writes a prescription, he gets paid when you pick it up. That revenue for the physician’s office. Now I ask you this, do you feel comfortable knowing that you are a “lead” for the doctor’s office to make some cash? Would you feel more at ease if you new that you would be taken care of no matter your financial status? I’d take the latter.

Hospitals can now refuse care to patients if they don’t have insurance. Now that’s f*cked up! Thus, the overuse of the emergency room for treatment. What this is saying is that we don’t even have a right to LIVE! In essence, what they mean is “F*ck you and die!” Hold on, though. Don’t die just yet, we want to keep you alive long enough to bill you for all the medications and surgeries, which is a multi-billion dollar industry.

The Unholy Truth

We believe that our doctors have been trained in healthcare, but this too, is a lie. Physicians and residents of medicine are being trained in disease management, NOT healthcare. Healthcare has to do with the overall wellness of the human body and spirit.

Great health can be had from eating nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables and regular exercise of any sort. It’s not that hard at all. Get this though, if a doctor tells you that you can cure cancer with a juicing diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, he can lose his license! Today’s doctor’s, being weak in character, would rather make the cash than see us get well. Got to make a living though, right? I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to let my health loss be a doc’s financial gain. Did you know the words “Do no harm” were taken out of the Hippocratic oath?

Doctors are trained from the beginning that the only way to heal a human is through surgery and medication. From the start of their education, no other methods or philosophies are introduced to form a balanced picture of health. Some of you might say, “Alvin, how would you know all this?”

Besides the fact that I’m an Anatomy and Physiology instructor, hospital/clinic auditor, have a degree in Health Science, and medical researcher, I’ve had a front row seat for most my entire education and early childhood. My mother was a registered nurse, thus, me and my brother visited Mom’s hospital quite often. We talked to physicians, sat in on surgical procedures, and got to see the behind the scenes of a mega-hospital. It’s an awesome site and it USED TO be about care. Patients were turned away without charge when it was found that nothing was wrong with them. I even got a FREE (YES, FREE) surgical repair of my Achilles tendon when my doctor found that I didn’t have insurance.

That would never happen today. Most doctors (not all) are only looking out for themselves. Anytime you have a doctor who says, “I can give you something for that”, fire his ass! He/she is nickel-and-diming themselves into a higher paycheck and put you in the health poorhouse. Poor people, poor health…BULLSH*T!

Thank Goodness The Poor Can’t Afford Healthcare

It’s probably the best thing you could receive in your life…to be turned away by the medical killers. Here’s why…

1. Diabetes can be cured in 30 days with fruits and vegetables. Here’s my link to that article (Evict Diabetes in 30 Days). No hospitals, blood sugar monitors, or regular visits required.

2. High blood pressure is optimal for our bodies if we have plaque build up in our arteries. Artificially lowering blood pressure with a “water pill” (diuretic), ACE inhibitor, beta blocker, calcium-channel blocker, or renin inhibitor leads to early death. Other countries allow high blood pressure for cardiovascular problems and have an 80% survival rate. In the US, we have an 80% death rate for Americans taking one or a combination of the drugs listed above. A “water pill” sounds so innocent, doesn’t it? It’s a killer of millions of Americans yearly.

3. Random body swelling is another frequent problem occurring in us today. Let it happen! If there is something wrong at the site of swelling, it’s your bodies way of calming irritation. It will go away on it’s own. Let your body work.

4. Frequent headaches seem to be another bain of modern existence. If you are taking Motrin, Alleve, or any other headache medicine, it may work for a short time, but only to mask our body’s own signal to tell us something is not right. A headache is inflammation of the brain nerves and tissue caused by an outside stimulus. Some initiators of cranial aches are intense light, sinus infections, bacterial infection, viral infection, or as a side effect of another infection of the body as a whole. Cut a potato in half, soak it in pure vinegar or apple cider vinegar for 5 min, put them in a towel, and rest the halves evenly on your forehead. Headache gone! If the prep is too long and you are really suffering, take a spoon full of yellow mustard to immediately dull your headache. I hope this helps!

Ok. Now that we’ve helped you with some major everyday issues, we have to take a vital step toward our own health. You know what to do, eat right and exercise. Ground-breaking, right? LOL Look around for more healthy stuff to do for yourself on this site. That’s why I write it…to help YOU! Go nuts.

Listen, just because you are “poor” or don’t have insurance is no reason to harass the government until they give you more medicine that’s killing you! It doesn’t make sense. Financial standing doesn’t effect our ability to learn about safe, low-cost ways to take care of ourselves. These simple fixes will have you in the top 10% of Americans who have great health and separate you from those special homo sapiens who believe lettuce and tomato on their Big Mac is a good source of vegetables! I couldn’t resist. LOL

One more thing, for those of you out there who are undoubtedly saying, “Organic food is too high! I can’t afford that”, let me ask you this…how much does it cost for chemotherapy?!

Take care of yourself because no one else will.

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