Eat Butter, Smoke Marijuana, Kill Cancer, and Live To 100! Audio


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Alvin J. (A.K.A. Alvin Jackson N.D.) is known as “The Most Passionate Non-Doctor On The Internet!” He does NOT consider himself an author, but when you needed help, he didn’t hesitate to jump in with life-saving health information to uplift your life.

In this book, he’s put together an assortment of life-improving strategies to attain his highest contribution to our world: ENDING METABOLIC DISEASE! These diseases include late-stage cancers, any type of diabetes, migraine headaches, ADHD, menopause, and a host of other crippling disorders we suffer with every single day.

Alvin J says: I’m so grateful to bring you information you can use. This may seem like another textbook on health, but from the cover, to the life-altering information, to the No-BS way I lay it on you…there’s no doubt, this book can change your life! This is not the end-all-be-all source for ultimate health, but if it only got rid of your diabetes, wouldn’t it be worth it? How about reversing your cancer without setting foot in a hospital, is that worth a look?


Eat Butter, Smoke Marijuana, Kill Cancer, and Live To 100!

‘Eat Butter, Smoke Marijuana, Kill Cancer, and Live To 100!’ is the new book from Alvin Jackson N.D. (Non-Doctor) meant to shake the world of medicine. Not by throwing out science, but by giving you extremely complex information in a simple way!

There is nothing more frustrating than a thick book, no one wants to read. I agree! This book has stories, case studies (bad grammar and spelling included), amazing facts, and my own personal touch. Yes, I write like I talk. I want you all to enjoy the book, and possibly pick up a few copies for your family members and friends.

‘Eat Butter, Smoke Marijuana, Kill Cancer, and Live To 100!’ will challenge your very belief system and have you questioning everything your doctor does while you are stuck in that cold waiting room with your ass poking out of a paper gown! Sound about right? LOL

This book is an organic apple in a world of high fructose, chemical-laden, preservative-added, additive-riddled produce! I know some people like to believe everything they read on the internet, but would you have the gall to question a bonafide medical article written by super-brainy people? No? Well, I WOULD! My motto is “Question everything…then try it on yourself!” There is nothing stopping you from getting to your goal, sometimes, we need a little tough love.

Thank you for purchasing the book, I look forward to seeing you online soon.

Alvin J
The Most Passionate Non-Doctor On The Internet!


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Alvin J “The Most Passionate Non-Doctor on the Internet”

Alvin J

The Most Passionare Non-Doctor On The Internet! My life’s purpose is to provide you with choices opposite than those proposed to you by your traditional doctors, teachers, and loved-ones who are only interested in preserving the status quo.