Sky High Blood Pressure and Can’t Sleep For Sh*t

Yes, I said it, yes I did! Sky high blood pressure is killing us and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who gives a dam. We SAY we care about our health, but eat 2 extra value meals at McDonald’s. We SAY we care about our weight, but we eat all the bread when it comes to the table before the meal…then WE STILL EAT THE ENTIRE MEAL! We SAY we want excellent health, but the only exercise we get is lifting the fork to our mouths. Heavy with pasta…I’m sure. LOL Pump it, pump it, come on, one more fork full! I’m so evil.

Sky High Blood Pressure and Can’t Sleep For Sh*t

Arterial BlockageI’m going to get right to the juicy bits. If you want a thriving body that reacts on command, hardly ever aches, and feels amazing (even when we wake up in the A.M.), then get off your f*cking medication! I’m not saying this is be funny, coy, or cute. I’m dead serious. SICK PEOPLE take medicine. If you are taking “meds” for the rest of your life, you will be sick for the rest of your life. Most people, especially those of us over 40 believe that medication is a way of life after this age. It’s expected. Purely from a vanity point of view, “meds” will ADD 10 TO 15 years to your appearance. People with healthy, glowing skin do not take the established formulas concocted by the medical industrial complex.

This is how “meds” relate to blood pressure: If we eat horrible, sit our fat asses on the couch, and lack intake of fluids, it’s a foregone conclusion we will develop blockages in our arteries. Now, our bodies will increase blood pressure to get the same amount of nutrients and oxygen through these blockages and to our vital organs without us becoming anemic. However, when blood pressure is high, our docs what to put us on beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, or calcium-channel blockers. If this sounds bad, it is!

Any and all medication slows or stops a metabolic process. This is not good for your overall health as other problems start to arise, like insomnia, auto-immune disorders, frequent headaches, etc. You see, when we take these drugs, they stop our ability to regulate the opening and closing of our arteries. If we keep our blood pressure artificially low, our heart has to pump 5X, 7X, or even 10X harder FOREVER…or as long as we keep taking the f*cking pills. This going on continually will take decades off our lives and none of us want that. I don’t!

Sleep Apnea: Can’t Sleep For Sh*t

CPAPThis is the procedure in which sleep is interrupted repeatedly throughout the night with long bouts of no-breathing. Once we’ve deprived our brains of oxygen long enough, your survival mechanisms kick in making us turn in our sleep or wake up abruptly. It’s not a pretty sight.

Now, most doctors or sleep specialists (whatever the f*ck that is) are going to recommend you get a new, expensive bed to help adjust you. Some will advise a mouth piece to set our jaws forward. Yet others will purport PAP or CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) to force the airway open pressurized air. These are all still stop-gap measures to getting a good night’s rest. Usually, the lack of sturdy cartilage is what’s ailing us.

The cartilaginous rings that surround our voice box and trachea are supposed to maintain the structure of the throat and windpipe. If these get weak (usually due to excess usage of Tylenol, Alive, Motrin, Aspirin, ibuprofin, etc.), now the airways tend to collapse easily when a human being to laid horizontal. Not good! Now, even when we’re trying to “lay the pipe”, we are breathing hard and can’t climax for lack of breath…THIS BLOWS! One more time, stop taking the f*cking pills!

Trachea C-RingsIt’s completely up to you if you’d like to try any of the above methods to alleviate your sleep deprivation, but natural is always the best choice for you. Remember: I am NOT a doctor and do NOT give medical advice. I’d found that an ergonomic pillow and exercise does the trick just fine. We don’t need a CPAP machine when our heart is in fantastic shape. We don’t have to set our jaw when our neck is in the correct position, and we don’t need a brand new $2800 adjustable bed when we can get a bed ramp from Amazon for $79. Talk about a rip-off! Dam, I could hire a masseuse for a 2-hour message and specializes in happy endings and still have $2500 left over! LOL I’m just……………..serious! LOL

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