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Why Our Blood Pressure Is Being Taken All Wrong, Why Doctors Leave The Room While You Are Waiting 45 Minutes, and Why Hospital Food Is The Worst Thing We Can Eat While Staying At The Hospital!

Good day! It’s fair to say that our health today is being traded for the “BOTTOM LINE”. We have been trained since birth to have others look after us, confirm what we think, and finally, fix our problems

It seems, nothing has changed. We ask the Geek Squad what computer to buy, we ask numerous friends are we dating the right person, and we submit our personal power to the doctor  on everything health-related. Even though, we know all the answers before we get there!

What is the use of the little voice inside our heads, if all we’re going to do is ignore it?! That doesn’t make sense. Neither does taking the advice of your doctor, who can’t be sued if anything goes wrong at his/her hand. Wow! What a deal.

Let’s Get Real

I’d be willing to bet…the last time the “doc” wrote you a prescription, you wondered to yourself, “Is this really safe?” When you came in for a check up and came out with an appointment for surgery, did you think, “I didn’t know it was that bad, is this really necessary?” When you have a loved one who is terminal and has “no chance of living”, did you ever say to yourself, “If she’s going to die, why are they running all those tests? Why does my terminally ill grandmother need to schedule surgery if she’s going to die?”

Yeah, you aren’t the first to ponder these questions, and unfortunately, you won’t be the last. The news you don’t want to hear…IT’S A BUSINESS….and the highest priority of a business is to make a profit, even in a hospital. Lives are not at the starting line. This means our health (in a hospital) could never be the best it can be

We have been fortunate to be born in a age where we can get the information we need to take care of ourselves. Our fellow humans are developing autoimmune diseases that are not necessary. We are having strokes at 36 years old. Our intestines are leaking blood due to medications prescribed by doctors. It’s insanity! Now, I never point out problems without bringing in solutions. This is what I’d like you to do…

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When you schedule a call with me, you can ask anything, no matter how personal. Here are some examples of information you may want to ask about…
1. How to tell if a lesion on your body is cancerous.
2. How to check your blood pressure correctly WITHOUT the help of your doctor.
3. How to eat to lose weight. Even how to gain wieght!
4. How to get rid of your diabetes in 60 days or less.
5. How to rid your body of cancer WITHOUT expensive, state-of-the-art buildings, fancy overpriced equipment, or pharmaceutical-backed doctors.

Let’s say it this way, 30 minutes is quite a long time, when you put it into perspective. In my experience, it’s more than most doctors give during a check-up and I may improve your health more quickly and INEXPENSIVELY than any hospital treatment, prescription, or referral! This is YOUR session! I will not waste your time. In truth, there is nothing I value more than your time. Please fill in the form below to schedule your consultation with me as quickly as possible. Time, for some, is very valuable.

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