I Can’t Lose Weight, Do This! Cause, Effects, and Fat Loss

I Can’t Lose Weight, Do This! Cause, Effects, and Fat Loss

Obese Man“Ooooooh weeeeeeeee! You’ve sure let yourself go since we were in high school!” If you were at a class reunion, that would be a horrid observation, but that’s your husband talking to you. LOL I hope the day finds you well after that little statement. Sorry if you were offended by this, but your mirror won’t apologize…and neither will I. Now let me ask you, do you see the yellow stuff in the diagram? Of course, you do. It’s just what you think it is…BACON! Just kidding, I’m not trying to make any comparisons between you and a beloved farm animal. It’s fat (chemical make-up: C55H104O6).


You’ve been trying to lose weight but no matter how much you grit and grunt, it will not come off! You’ve been putting in serious work for 6 months just to realize a 2-pound weight loss. WTF! In addition to that, the older you get, the harder it is to slice the ham…or is it? Stop listening to your jaded self-talk, grab a pad, and let’s get those extra chins in check.

Below is some additional information to help you understand “fat”, but I’ll give you the gems up front. Sugar acts as a poison in your system, when ingested in excess. Your brain loves sugar, it runs off sugar, it needs sugar, BUT when you over do the sugar (and it doesn’t take much), your body is entering a survival mode to save you from the glucose overdose. The excess sugar in your blood acts as a toxin, and your cells will not accept what it does not need. So where does this extra powdered sugar go? Into your fat cells. Just like with a polyp (digestive tumor on a stalk), your body will route the sugar into your fat stores to keep it isolated from healthy tissues. Once the fructose (sugar) is stored in your fat, your body won’t let you burn it! If it does, the “venom” will re-enter your blood stream, something the brain does not want.

So now you’re asking, “So how to do I get rid of the Stivia stored in my belly?” It’s not all that easy without help. The real answer: you need to cleanse. A complete body cleanse. There are several brands out there, but they are easy to find at health food stores. I like the Gaia 2-week cleanse by reason of it’s gentle working on my system and the extreme energy boost I get after just 2 days. This cleanse performs a complete purge of the colon, tissues, and liver from not just sugar, but any other toxic matter hiding inside your deep tissue. It even tells you what to eat while doing the cleanse. One other benefit you might like is that you should NOT exercise during the 2 weeks you are doing a cleanse. You could potentially drop 5-15lbs in the two weeks by just following the recommendations for this body flush.

Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse Kit

Once you’ve broken into the prison of fat, the detained sugar can be released and the blubber can be burned. Finally, you can start losing weight! Well, maybe and maybe not. The Brass Tacks: Everyone believes fat weighs more than muscle, so when you lose weight, you assume you are losing fat, which is true in obese people. Bringing you into the light, when you introduce water to a muscle fiber/cell it becomes more dense, thus, heavier than a fat cell. That means you can lose 6 pants sizes and weigh the same OR MORE at the end of the workout period. In reality, when you say, “I want to lose weight”, what you really mean is, “I want to lose fat”. Kick the scale and start dating your mirror. If you feel amazing and can get into those clothes, don’t allow the bathroom “judge” to step on your positive results and feelings.


Fat and MuscleThose die-hard dieters are always trying to lose this stuff, but this miracle layer of bulging fun actually has some magnificent roles to play in your body. Never mind being unsightly, the yellowish mass of lipocytes has functions you take for granted on an hourly basis. First, fat hold excess water. When you go long periods without taking a swig of the aqua, your tissue have to get moisture (water) from somewhere, enter your blubber! Yes, it can hold 3 to 10 times it’s original mass in water thanks to the cholesterol in their membranes.

Next, the lard wrapped around your midsection is where ¬†you also derive your energy. Fat is supposed to used by your body when eaten. Your earthly vessel will continue to store fat figuring that you will use it one day (this is a latent function of our hunting-and-gathering days). If you don’t use it, it just keeps on piling up.

Lastly, fat is a shock absorber. Ever watch Sumo wrestling? As a side effect, it also maintains our body heat. I guess you could call a human being “insulated” because of this layer of playdo but again, we don’t want to conjure up that old saying about being as big as a house. LOL I couldn’t help it. Many apologies. This wall of adipocytes is called your omentum (belly fat), but fat is present all over your body. It’s hiding out in your buttocks, love handles, the underside of your arms, the mons pubis (a woman’s “pooch”), your neck, surrounding your organs, and even your brain is composed entirely of fat. All this “butter” has been installed to protect you from yourself.

Men Women Fat ZonesNow, let’s talk about how fat differs on men vs. women. I’m sure you’ve noticed the variation in distribution of the male and female surplus. Men are easy. They get guts! Big, fat, hairy, uncontrollable, pregnancy-resembling, beer bellies. You’ve witnessed this spectacle: you see a man that’s 15 months pgregnant, but has the skinny, pathetic, pipe cleaner legs. This excess spills over into the oblique and back areas, creating the term “spare tire”. These are the areas of overabundance for the fellows.

As for the felines, it’s more complicated. The figure shows the fat stores for a woman, and as you can gander, their goodies are in the lower abdomen, mons pubis, lateral thighs, back, butt, and underside of the arms. You remember the underarm flap…don’t pretend that you don’t. Due to this distribution of cellulite, women are able to go 3 to 5 times longer without water and would drag the man through the desert (and be the heroine) and not the other way around. Scary! LOL

Despite popular opinion, men and women burn calories (thus fat) at the same rate. The tidbit that allows a man to burn faster is not that we burn at a quicker rate, but we simply have more muscle fibers (calorie-burning factories) available to do work. Now ladies, don’t resort to steroids to build more muscle, believe me, you don’t want them problems! Guys, don’t fall for the rope-a-dope either. Lifting, exercising, and eating foods in the proper portions will do the trick. If you take weight loss pill from pharmaceutical conglomerates, you are simply injecting more poisons into your blood stream to destroy all your good efforts. Organic and holistic is the key. We are now finding the traditional methods are more harmful than helpful.

Come back and see us again. I’ll have more medical junk to help you live a magic life that last 100 years.

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Alvin J

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  1. Good day, Stace.

    This was a kit, and I’ve noticed it’s hard to get your hands on this one. All that was in the kit was a liver cleanse (for liver and tissues) and dietary fiber. You can buy any form of healthy dietary fiber (no chemicals). As for the liver/tissue cleanse, you can get that on Amazon from the same company (GAIA)…Gaia Liver Cleanse.

    Alvin J

  2. Good day, Nora.

    This was a kit, and I’ve noticed it’s hard to get your hands on this one. All that was in the kit was a liver cleanse (for liver and tissues) and dietary fiber. You can buy any form of healthy dietary fiber (no chemicals). As for the liver/tissue cleanse, you can get that on Amazon from the same company (GAIA)…Gaia Liver Cleanse.

    Alvin J

  3. The link to the Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse Kit says it is out of stock and may not be coming back in stock. Would you know any other place to purchase this? And thank you for all the wonderful information you share to stay healthy the right way.

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