For Smooth Skin, You Need Cu, Se, and “E”

How is everybody?! I hope the day finds you well. This is Alvin J, the most passionate non-doctor on the internet! Today, we are on the subject of smooth acne-free skin. Big Cudos to Krystal McKnight who inspired this video, or for her own selfish reasons, wanted to know how to maintain her skin WITHOUT the use of the latest lotions, potions, and gimmicks. Can you blame her?

Want Smooth Acne-Free Skin? Stop Putting Sh*t On Your Face

Smooth Acne-Free Skin

Smooth Acne-Free Skin

People always want to go for the “right-now” treatment now-a-days. They weren’t bullsh*tting when they called this a “microwave society”! Don’t ask me who “they” is, I’ve just heard talking heads on the idiot box describe today’s generation as this. Meaning they want everything…NOW! Never mind you didn’t earn anything. Never mind you didn’t put in any hard work. Never mind that someone else deserves it more than you. The “millennials” want what they want now. Sort of like children who have no idea of the way the real world works.

Anywho, if you are one who’d like a nice succulent, glowing epidermis, then listen…CLOSELY! Your skin does not become radiant and healthy by you painting it with skin-colored, chemical-based crayons not suitable for use on animals. That’s right, Susie! That blush is not safe enough for your dog, but I guess make-up manufacturers feel it’s quite alright to put lipstick on a pig! That’s YOU…the GUINEA PIG!

Let’s talk shop. If your diet consists of red hot cheetos, McDonalds, Dominos, and The Dew…you are going to be in a world of hurt. Not only skin wise, but health wise. Second, if you indulge in the industrial genocide movement known as vaccinations, you can expect to have blotchy, uneven skin not to mention unilateral body numbness with ongoing migraine headaches. Next. Get your a** out in the sun. Natural UV light will enable your skin to produce melanin and Vitamin D, boosting your immune system, as well as adding an aura to your skin. Lastly, no sunblock! If you like cancer and would like it to come visit you, then slather it all over yourself and your kids. Do your research. Now on to the next thing…

The Big Lie About Skincare Products

There are only a few chemicals skincare manufacturers can put into their products allowed by the FDA. Since there are only so many chemicals that are approved to make a claim of “curing” acne, all the manufacturers are using all the same stuff! That means the same junk that’s in ProActiv is the same junk that’s in the Walmart brand of skin cream. You’re being duped! ProActiv is NOT number one in the market because they have a proprietary formula that can’t be matched, they are number one because they have the best marketing system. That’s it. Take a look at this…

Common ingredients shared by all the skincare companies…

  1. Benzoyl peroxide
  2. Resorcinol
  3. Salicylic acid
  4. Sulfur

These are the ingredients shared by them all. Thus, there is no magic formula, only the order in which they have you apply the agents to your skin. Here’s the best way…

  1. Wash and dry your face.
  2. Use an exfoliating pad and face soap to break open the skin. (This allows Step #3 to work)
  3. Apply an astringent to the skin liberally. (This kills the bacteria on and under the skin)
  4. Apply a conditioner to your skin, such as lotion. (This will keep other bacteria out of the broken skin until it heals, usually about 20 minutes)

The method listed above is only a temporary fix for a long-term problem. If you want smooth acne-free skin for life, the best way is to improve your diet. If you supplement copper, vanadium, and Vitamin E, most of these things won’t happen to you in the first place.

One last bit of advise, sea salt spray really helps in the way of keeping your skin soft, glowing, and sexy. Spray it on twice a day for an excellent finish to your natural skin care regiment. Here’s how to make it…

*One liter of purified or spring water, with one heaping tablespoon of uniodized sea salt*

That’s all HHLers! If you got any questions for me, hit me here in the comment box.

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